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英国:The impact of globalization on Chinese economy代写

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The impact of globalization on Chinese economy
 Australia:The impact of globalization on Chinese economy代写
People are living in a world with huge global economy that something happened in an area can effects worldwide. They communicate and share each other’s culture by uninterrupted trade and tourism all over the world every day. “Globalization is the process by which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected as a result of massively increased trade and cultural exchange.” (BBC Bitesize, no date). Can be said that economic globalization is an inevitable trend. According to the member information of World Trade Organization, China has joined WTO since 11 December 2001(World Trade Organization, no date). It transformed China from a planned economy into a socialist market economy. This has led China opening and global economic integration, it also accelerate the modernization of the country's progress. In the past 22 years, China has achieved remarkable economic growth. This essay will talk about how globalization effects the economy on China and introduce both positive and negative influences of globalization. Positive role, first of all, economic globalization has brought opportunities for Chinese economy. Secondly, economic globalization promote China's economic growth pattern. Finally, economic globalization help to resolve the thorny issue of China's reform phase. On the other hand, there are also have some negative effects of globalization. First, globalization has expanded the wealth gap, and then brought the environmental problems which bad for people's health.
It is obvious that the impact of economic globalization on China are diverse. Priority should be given to the positive impact. First of all, economic globalization has brought opportunities to China's economy. On the case of China, as a developing country, Their economy through the reform and opening up 22 years of development are actively into the world. They are constantly expanding opening up, the development of exchanges with other countries and contacts, and through this open contact successfully in promoting their own development. Advent of economic globalization, first is in their favor, that they can have more opportunities to learn foreign economy and the development of good experiences and results, the introduction and use of technology, capital and other international resources and to enhance their own qualities to compete in the international market.
 Australia:The impact of globalization on Chinese economy代写
Moreover, economic globalization has promoted China's economic growth mode. Since a long time, China is a developing country which economy situation was relatively closed and backward. Mainly rely on the domestic market, but also can be called as the main national economic self-sufficiency. Economic globalization, China's economy will inevitably break the self-enclosed, facilitating their integration into the world economic environment, it helps their import and export trade growth substantially. Meanwhile, The rapid expansion of international trade, China gained greater economic space from the domestic market to the international market.
Last but not least, economic globalization has contribute to resolve their thorny issue of China's reform phase. Reform should from both of our reality, but also with international standards, compliance with international rules and practices. China's reform is begin with the rural areas, the existing economic system from solving the drawbacks of rigid closed to start, comprehensive reform, overall progress and breakthroughs in the key areas, and several other stages. They are entering a critical stage of solving difficult problems, such as accelerating the reform of state-owned enterprises, establish modern enterprise system, and actively explore and develop diverse forms of public ownership, reform of government institutions, deepen financial reform, and actively promote the grain circulation system, the housing system, investment and financing system, tax system, social security system and other aspects of reform. Participation in economic globalization, we must follow the rules of the world economy work market, to comply with international rules, practices and standards, and the world the only way to develop normal trade relations, from compliance with international rules to obtain benefits. Therefore, in the crucial stage of reform, reform must solve the thorny issue.
The negative influence of this phenomenon should also be multiple. Firstly, economic globalization is widening gap between rich and poor. For several people, globalization is a good wish which will help them to gain a prosperous life. But in the meantime, globalization for different people have different results. Specifically, Some people have benefited from globalization, while some others are forced to accept the negative consequences of it. United Nations Development Programme published the 2012 annual "Human Development Report", calling for a new awareness of globalization, and gradually narrow the current world growing gap between rich and poor. According to the report, One-fifth of the world's population lives in countries with high income levels, and the average income of it was 74times higher than poor countries in 2012. As can be seen from the 2012 annual "Human Development Report", economic globalization involved almost every areas of human life, however rich and poor countries can not be able to share the benefits equality from the economic globalization. It mean that the gap between rich and poor will face a growing trend.
Secondly, globalization causes pollution transfer from developed to developing countries. Firstly, through globalization investment and production, heavy industry developed high-polluting industries are moving to developing countries. Secondly, Developed countries through international trade transport waste to developing countries.Developing countries have labor advantages, lower cost of waste disposal and lower environmental standards. Waste international trade both legal transactions, but also illegal trade. Legitimate waste transfer, if the processing level is not high, poor management will cause a certain degree of secondary environmental pollution. With the transfer of waste quantities and total demand increased, illegal waste or hazardous waste imports repeated causing serious environmental pollution problems.
To sum up, globalization has many influences on Chinese economy. This essay suggests that globalization has more positive impact than negative impact on China.  It is an irreversible trend, the development objective will continue to drive global economic growth. More countries will join the process of economic globalization, the global economy will also in a wider range of complementary advantages and rational allocation of resources. Meanwhile, People should clearly see that economic globalization brings wealth gap, environmental imbalance that negative effects must be resolved. Globalization can effectively promote the full use of domestic and foreign economic growth capital, technology, resources and market,which is the most important benefits of the opening developing countries.