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 Personal Statement

  Applied Program: Statistics

  When I was doing internship at the renowned XX Cosmetics Co. Ltd, I was deeply impressed by the motto from XX, the founder of the company—“Believe in Miracle and Miracle will Indeed Happen.” At one point during my undergraduate education I was very frustrated because I found that, due to the lack of effective methodology of numerical analysis, the teaching and the research of economics in China lags far behind the international standard as represented by the developed countries of the West. As a result, even though I am one of the top students from the XX University of Finance and Economics, I find it difficult for me to really enter the true realm of economics study. Instead of dealing a heavy blow on me, this discovery motivated me to maximize my efforts in the study of mathematics and to apply for an advanced degree program in statistics at your well-respected university after having completed my undergraduate program. It is my conviction that, as long as I have sufficient confidence myself and make sufficient efforts, I am bound to accomplish some form of achievements in the field of statistics and make due contributions to the development of quantitative research in economics in the Chinese academia. Miracle will indeed happen.

  I specialized in accounting at the Accounting College of XX University of Finance and Economics. An undergraduate education in the specialty of accounting covers knowledge in a wide range of fields—economics, management science, mathematics, statistics, and even sociology. While providing me with a solid academic foundation, this education has enabled me to ferret out the areas that can really capture my interest. I have cherished a strong interest in mathematics since the primary school and developed my talents all the way through my middle and high school. But it is only through my undergraduate study that I have come to realize the vital importance of mathematical approaches to the study of economics. This very realization has further reinforced my determination to choose the career of an applied statistician in the future. Toward such an objective, I have devoted special efforts to the study of mathematics and statistics. Apart from intensive work in such compulsory courses as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Theory of Probability, Statistics, and Mathematical Statistics, I have also attended a series of important optional courses including Operational Research, Game Theory of Economics, Sampling Investigation and made full use of my spare time to learn the knowledge of statistics as much as possible.

  My undergraduate education should be described as very rewarding and fruitful. For the past three consecutive years, I have maintained top ranking in my class and for two consecutive years I was given the “Outstanding Student” Award, winning Level-A scholarships. I have demonstrated special aptitudes in mathematics and in English. My natural talents in mathematics and my dedicated efforts to mathematics coursework have led my GPA in all the mathematics courses to reach 3.9, far exceeding the level of average students. In terms of English language, I have also been well above average. In the first semester in 1999 I won the first prize at the “Freshmen Cup” English Listen Comprehension Contest and in 2001 I won the first prize in the English Contest for College Students in China, the third prize at the Oral English Contest in XX Province. Even though I have assumed various responsibilities for extracurricular activities of several student organizations, I have still managed to perform well academically, a fact that should be attributed to my extra diligence, productive study methods, and effective allocation of my time and energy. From the very outset of my undergraduate career, I made up my mind to fully exploit all the available resources of my university to achieve comprehensive self-development and what I have achieved adequately testifies to the rewarding undergraduate life I have been living.

  As a science that tries to discover inherent quantitative relationships among different data and make rational statistical inferences by applying relevant theories and methodologies, statistics has been widely applied in the modern society, its impact penetrating into almost all fields of physical and social sciences. With China’s reform toward the market economy and its accession into the WTO, statistics is becoming increasingly important in China’s economic life. The fact that the subject I am interested in will enjoy a broad prospect of application in China makes me very excited and confident concerning my future study and career. In my proposed program, I will first try to consolidate my foundation in statistics and then narrow down my interests to focus on Time Series Analysis and Statistic Inference.

  I believe that to make rational inferences is one of the major functions of statistics. In many cases, pure statistical models or time series models can make more precise inferences and predictions than theoretical models of economics. The dilemma faced by modern economics in making predictions is one of the important reasons for me to choose statistics over economics as the area of my concentration. As an important aspect of statistical study and research, I will try to master one or two advanced statistical software such as Gauss and TSP. In addition, if possible, I wish to be a member of the research group of my future advisor under whose direction I can work on a full-length research project. It is equally desirable for me to do extensive internship at a specific government organization or a local enterprise so that I can apply my knowledge of statistics and test its efficacy.

  Apart from the sound undergraduate education that I have received, together with my special achievements in mathematics and English, my creativity, perseverance, and my good logical thinking are three major factors of my implicit confidence in my future performance, just as they have contributed to my distinguished performance in the past over most of my peers. Meanwhile, I am also very proud of my past extracurricular performance, which has considerably improved my practical abilities beyond the mere coursework, like teamwork, organization and interpersonal communication. I served as student leader in the Students Union, editor of the university student newspaper, member of Accounting Study Group and Youth Volunteer Association. In 2003, I worked part-time as beauty consultant at the renowned American XX Cosmetics Company. An important experience directly related to my specialty is the internship I did in 2003 at the Statistical Bureau of XX City during which I worked on a city-wide population sampling investigation, collecting and analyzing data and accumulating much practical statistical experience.

  I prioritize on XX University as the school for my Master’s program in statistics because a careful study of your esteemed university shows me that it is a world famous university with a long academic tradition. In terms of the teaching and research of statistics, it plays a leading role not only in American but also in international academia. Naturally it becomes my ideal choice. As a student of accounting I have built up a sufficient foundation in statistics and mathematics requisite for a graduate program in statistics. Therefore, I sincerely wish that my application could be seriously considered.


当我在做著名的XX化妆品有限公司实习,我留下了深刻印象,创办的公司“相信奇迹,奇迹确实会发生。 ”在一个点在我的本科教育,我是XX的座右铭很沮丧,因为我发现,由于缺乏有效的数值分析方法,经济学的教学和研究在中国远远落后于国际标准为代表的西方发达国家。其结果是,即使我从XX财经大学最优秀的学生之一,我觉得我很难真正进入真正的经济学研究领域。而是对我造成了沉重的打击,这一发现促使我最大限度地利用我的努力在学习数学和统计先进的学位课程,以及尊重的大学完成我的本科课程后申请。这是我的信念,只要我自己有充足的信心,并做出足够的努力,我必然要完成某种形式的成果,在统计领域的定量经济学研究在中国学术界的发展做出应有的贡献。奇迹确实会发生。
我的本科教育应该被形容为非常有益的和富有成果的。在过去的连续三年中,我一直保持在班上排名第一,我连续两年被授予“优秀学生”奖,赢得A级奖学金。我已经表现出特殊才能的数学和英语。我的天赋,在数学和数学课程我的不懈努力,导致我的成绩在所有的数学课程,达到3.9 ,远远超过了一般学生的水平。在英语方面,我也一直远高于平均水平。在第一学期于1999年,我获得了一等奖的“新生杯”英语听力练习比赛和2001年,我在中国大学生英语竞赛中获得了一等奖, XX省英语口语大赛三等奖。即使我承担各种责任的几个学生组织的课外活动,我仍然设法学业表现良好,事实上,应该归功于我额外的尽职调查,富有成效的研究方法,和我的时间和精力有效地分配。从一开始我的本科生涯,我做了我的心,我校充分利用所有可用的资源,实现全面的自我发展和我已经实现了充分的证明奖励本科生活,我一直生活。
我相信,要做出合理的推论是统计数据的主要功能之一。在许多情况下,纯粹的统计模型或时间序列模型可以做出更精确的比经济学理论模型的推论和预测。现代经济学作出预测所面临的困境让我选择对我的注意力的区域经济学统计的重要原因之一。统计学习和研究的一个重要方面,我会尽量掌握一个或两个先进的统计软件,如高斯和TSP 。此外,如果可能的话,我想我的未来顾问的指示下,我可以工作一个完整长度的研究项目的研究小组的成员。同样是可取的,对我来说,在一个特定的政府机构或地方企业做广泛的实习,使我能将我的统计知识,并测试其有效性。
除了良好的本科教育,我收到了,连同我的数学和英语的特殊成就,我的创造力,毅力,和我良好的逻辑思维有三个主要因素,我隐我的未来表现的信心,就像他们作出了贡献我的杰出表现,在过去的大部分我的同龄人。同时,我也很骄傲我过去的课外表现,这大大提高了我的动手能力超出了单纯的课程,如团队精神,组织和人际沟通。我一直担任学生干部,学生会,大学的学生报纸的编辑,会计研究小组和青年志愿者协会的成员。 2003年,我曾在美国著名的XX化妆品公司兼职美容顾问。一个重要的经验,直接关系到我的特长是在XX市统计局统计,在这期间我曾在全市范围内的人口抽样调查,收集和分析数据,并积累了很多实际的统计经验,我在2003年的实习。