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Virginia Woolf’s Expression in Stream of Consciousness

Being one of the greatest writers in her times, Virginia Woolf is fond of stream of consciousness. By expressing her thoughts in this way, she can express herself freely. Meanwhile, readers can further detect her ideas at that time and trace corresponding changes.

In her works A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf frequently reflects her desire to grasp the “ideal moment” and “fantastic moment”. Living in a distressed world, Judith can only enjoy herself at such moments. Therefore, Virginia Woolf chooses to tell the story in stream of consciousness. It is also such stream of consciousness constitutes the clue of A Room of One’s Own.

Throughout the book-length essay A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf adopts the style of stream of consciousness. Firstly, the length of this essay is a result of her stream of consciousness. Unlike other essays,A Room of One’s Own is divided into six chapters. In detail, chapter one is about the educational background, Oxbridge College. It is full of novel experiences and attractive knowledge. It introduces the female readers into a promising world. Chapter two is mainly about the British library, where there are a lot of male writings. To our surprise, a large number of male writings are related with the female instead of the male themselves. Chapter three tells the story of Judith Shakespeare and her brother, William Shakespeare, which is a reflection of the injustice between man and woman. Chapter four is a historical tracing of previous female writers. By reminding readers of pervious female writers, Woolf encourages every woman to seek for individual independence. Chapter five is Woolf’s own opinions on female writings. The last chapter, chapter six is Virginia’s advice on the relationship between male and female.